Pest Control Service Guarantee


In the event All American Pest Control is unable to control* your pest problem, All American Pest Control will refund your last monthly payment amount**. If you pay by the year, we will refund the prorated amount left on your yearly service**. 

**Refund requirements –

Service with monthly payments – Your refund request is to be made to All American Pest Control Inc, in writing. If we fail to correct the problem with in 30 days we will refund the last amount paid.

Paying By The Year – Your refund request is required to be made to All American Pest Control Inc, in writing. You must allow All American Pest Control Inc, 45 days to correct the problem. If All American Pest Control Inc fails to correct the problem after 45 days they will issue the refund (amount will be prorated from the date of written notice).

One Time Service – This treatment is designed to eliminate or reduce the population, depending on type of pest. example: German roaches tend to take more than one treatment to gain control. If All American Pest Control fails to reduce the population of the problem pest they will issue a full refund.

All services requires an inspection by All American Pest Control to determine if problem is not being reduced or controlled.

Because of the cost involved to do a termite treatment and because of the great success we have had with our treatments, Termite Treatments DO NOT have a money back Guarantee.

*Pest control is the process of reducing or removing a wide range of undesirable insects from spaces occupied by people.

Cancelling your service –

By signing up for your pest control service you agree to keep the service for 1 year. (You can cancel anytime thereafter). You also agree that if you are making monthly payments and you cancel before 12 payments are made, you will owe the total of the remaining 12 payments OR a $250 early cancellation fee (whichever is less) and All American Pest Control can immediately or over time collect the money owed with the payment method given or any other legal process.

With Yearly Pest Control Service, because most of the work is completed on the initial service and the products used are designed to last a year, the service cannot be transferred to a different dwelling. No refund will be given if you pay by the year and cancel during the year.

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